This section contains encounters and adventures that you can plug into your game should you choose to, and we'll be adding more very soon.

These will be broken into three categories…

We’ll have Encounters, which will be single events that you can inject into your campaign.  These will be formatted in PDF, and they’ll be free for you to use.

We’ll have Mini-Adventures, which will be groups of two or three encounters that fit together in some way.  These will also be formatted in PDF, and they’ll also be free for you to use.

We’ll also have Adventures, which will be 10 or more encounters tied together to create something that will hopefully last a full gaming night.  These will also be formatted in PDF, and they will cost $3.00.  You’ll be able to order them using PayPal, and they’ll be delivered to your E-mail Inbox.



Pirates in the Nebulosity by J Alan Erwine

Room of Terrors by J Alan Erwine



Mission of Trade, or Mission of Mercy? by J Alan Erwine

The characters are hired to undertake a simple trade mission, but what they don't know is that they'll end up on a mission of mercy that could save an entire planet of Melanathee, but how do the Arbonix feel about this, given that the Melanathee have infringed on their territory over and over again?

Designed for 1st level characters, this adventure will allow the characters to advance quickly to higher levels. It is also designed to be fairly simple and ideal adventure for players and game masters that are new to the game.

Like all Ephemeris adventures, this is available as a PDF that will be sent to your e-mail for just $3.00.

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