Miscellaneous Supplements

This section features those supplements that donít quite fit into the other categories, and best of all, many of these supplements are available for free!

The Ephemeris Book of First Level Characters
Welcome to The Ephemeris Book of 1st Level Characters. This book contains 54 1st level characters. One from each species for every class in the Ephemeris game.
You can print these up to immediately start a new game or you can use them as potential adversaries or allies for the characters that your players have already created. All you need to do to make them playable is give them names.
Each character already has skills and equipment. The Cyber Wizards have their spells, the Nanists have their Transferences, and the Traders have their ships (although these need to be named as well.)
All these characters need is an adventure to undertake.
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The Ephemeris Book of Tables
One of the worst things about playing or running a role playing game is having to stop in the middle of the game to find that one table in the big rulebook that you just have to have for the encounter you suddenly find yourself in.
This e-book contains the important tables from the core Ephemeris rulebook. You can print them up before your game...and then you'll have everything you need right at your fingertips...
This one's free!
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Ephemeris Critters & Pests
In space, it is very often not the large beasts or other space fairing races that are the biggest threat to your safety, but the smaller creatures from all over the galaxy that have stowed away on spacecrafts and found new niches to thrive in. This book contains some of the better known and more dangerous of these creatures. Provided is the basic information about these creatures as well as the potential harm they may do and the best methods of managing these pests if you should encounter them.
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The Expanded Ephemeris Equipment List
The original Ephemeris rulebook didn't have room for a long equipment list, but we're making up for that now with 65 pages of equipment that you can use in your Ephemeris game...and it's all free!
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Ephemeris RPG Rule changes
When we released The Ephemeris Omnibus 2013, we made a few changes to the rules from the core rulebook. We donít want to make it necessary for everyone to buy this supplement if they donít want to, and since so many people have recently purchased the core rulebook, we wanted to make the rule changes available to all of those people for free.
This small publication doesnít list all of the changes, but it does include the most important ones.
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