What we’re looking for: We prefer science fiction novels.  We will consider fantasy, but it will have to really blow us away. We will definitely not consider horror.  We want adult novels, but other than that, the sub-genre doesn’t really matter to us.  We just want good writing, as long as it's speculative fiction.


Length: We’re looking for complete novels that are between 70,000 and 120,000 words.


Rights: We acquire first print and first e-book rights.  We’re not looking for reprints.  Even if your book was published through a vanity press, or published on your blog, it has already been printed, and therefore it is not something we want to see.


Payment: At this time, we can’t pay an advance.  We’re hoping to change that, but for now we’re offering 10% royalties on print sales and 40% royalties on e-book sales, paid quarterly.


Response times: We will respond to your submission within three months of submission.  Most of the time it will be much sooner, but if you haven’t heard from us after three months, please query.  Just to let you know, all rejections will be form letters.  It saves time, and it avoids hostile e-mails from upset writers.


Submission Format: We want to see the first two chapters and a 3-5 page synopsis sent as an rtf file in an e-mail attachment.  For now, we are not accepting any snail-mail submissions. We do not read simultaneous submissions.


Submission address: Please send all submissions to editor (at) nomadicdeliriumpress (dot) com.  Sorry, no hyperlinks because of the spammers.


All works must be completely original. We will not consider any stories that are AI created or AI assisted. We do not want to see anything that AI has been involved in, so don't send it here!


Other stuff: We are looking to do two or three novels in the next year.  The books will be published as trade paperbacks, and as e-books.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at the above address.


Authors will receive three copies of their novel, and they can order additional copies for 30% off.


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