Guidelines for individual e-stories


The guidelines are pretty straight-forward…if you’ve had a story published with us (magazine, anthology, or collection), we’re willing to publish that story as an individual e-story.  Simply let us know what story or stories you’d like us to publish and we will pair it with a basic cover and then sell it through our website, Smashwords, Kindle, and every other market that we can find for 99 cents.  We’re asking for one-time publishing rights, so you’re still free to publish the story in other anthologies, zines, collections, or whatever.

There’s no advance on these stories, and we split the profits to the story 50/50, with royalties being paid quarterly.  We have no illusion that we’re going to get rich off of this, and neither are you.  The main reason for our wanting to do this is to promote ourselves, and to promote our writers.  We’ll link to whatever publication your work has appeared in, and if you have a personal website, we’ll link to that as well (Sorry, we can’t link to Amazon sites or other book selling sites because of our contracts with Smashwords.)

If you have any questions, or if you’d like for us to publish one or more of your stories, please contact us at editor (at) nomadicdeliriumpress (dot) com.


Again-The story has to have been published by Nomadic Delirium Press for us to consider it.